Second Grade Learns about Tipis!!


Officer Lopez visited Second grade from Ernie Miller Nature Center to help them erect a full-size Tipi in their own schoolyard. They learned first-hand about the design and construction of this incredible home utilized by the Plains Indians. They also learned about the rich history of the American Indians, their culture, and their interactions with their environment.  WOW!!

2nd and 5th Grade Buddies Enjoy Working on Saints Projects!!



Kindergarten Visits the Pumpkin Patch!!




What a perfect FALL FUN day !!


Preschool Mother's Tea!!



We love our Mums!!

First Grade Visits the American Royal!!



First Grade viewed several exhibits, went through the petting zoo, and watched the Jr. Rodeo. Learning about plants, animals, and farming, what a great way to learn about science!!


The Mad Scientist Visits Second Grade!!



What a fun way to learn about solids, liquids, and gasses!!