Second Grade's Favorite Lesson!!



The Second grade classes participated in the Kansas State University Extension Program. Through this opportunity, they learned about the development of the chicken embryo by observing the 21 day incubation period.  Families were able to watch via a 24 hour WebCam as the chicks hatched.  The students helped with feeding, naming, and playing with the chicks each day.  Priceless!!

All Day PreK Field Trip to the Aquarium!! WOW!!


Buddies (K & 8th) do science experiments using their 5 senses and observation skills!!


Future Scientists!!


Science City and Third Grade.... They Loved It!!



MWF Preschool 4’s love visiting the fire station and the police department!!


Our Community Heroes!!

First Grade at the K and at SM Science Lab!!




Sooooo much fun!!