All physical education classes begin with stretches and a short jog to improve cardiovascular endurance.  Emphasis during physical education classes is on having fun and demonstrating Catholic values through responsible personal and social behavior.  The students learn to respect the differences among people in physical activities and settings. 


Kindergarten - Third Grade

Large muscle development and gross motor skills (run, jump, skip, hop, etc.)

Eye/hand coordination using bean bags, beach balls, volleyballs and various types of sporting equipment

Eye/foot coordination using various types of sporting equipment

Team/partner/individual games and activities

Integrating Religion and classroom grade level standards

Body and spatial awareness


Fourth Grade - Sixth Grade

Focus on team and lifetime sports (volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc.)

Team/partner/individual games and activities

Presidential Fitness Test

Health and Nutrition

Integrating Religion and grade level standards

Middle School Electives

Team/individual sports and games