Student Council

Student Council (STUCO) is Holy Spirit's student leadership team.  STUCO teaches governance and represents the student body's activities.


Kindergarten and First Grade on a Field Trip!!

Shawnee Mission South Science Lab was the field trip of choice for Kindergarten and First Grade.  They experienced close up, all kinds of animals, and even got to do a little fishing!!

STUCO Officer Elections are held the last week of each school year, After amazing speeches from all the participants, students vote.  We now look forward to our new leadership and an amazing school year 2017-2018!! 




He is Risen!! Alleluia!!

The students celebrated Easter with Alleluia parties!!

Chameleons and Camouflage!!

Kindergarten discussed chameleons and camouflage, then each student wrote a sentence about hiding their chameleons.  WOW Kindergarten!!