Student Council

Student Council (STUCO) is Holy Spirit's student leadership team.  STUCO teaches governance and represents the student body's activities.


End of Year School Activities!!

Awards Day!!  What a wonderful day to be able to celebrate so many student successes of our 2017-2018 school year.  We are so proud of how well our students consistently represent our school.  We are thankful for our students!!

Randy Nadler shares his travels to Thailand with the school community!  This is an end of the year tradition at Holy Spirit and the country shared each year is different.

Chicks in Second Grade!!

Second Grade took part in a 3 week program through K-State Extension, where they learned about the development of the chicken embryo by observing the 21 incubation period.  Families were able to watch through a WebCam 24 hours a day as the chicks hatched.  The students helped with feeding, naming, and playing with them each day.  This was hands on learning about the life cycle and the "Miracle" of life!



....... more 7th Science!!

STUCO Officer Elections are held the last week of each school year, After amazing speeches from all the participants, students vote.  We now look forward to our new leadership and an amazing school year 2018-2019!! 




Engineering STEM Challenge- Build a Maze!!

First and Fourth Grades work together on the STEM Challenge!!

Video of the Students STEM Challenge!!

7th Grade Science Class Dissects Pigs!!