Kickin' It In Kindergarten!

Kindergarten at Holy Spirit is a well-balanced, full-day program. The foundations for learning and social interaction are developed over the course of the year in preparation for a successful transition into first grade. Our academic-based kindergarten program stresses development of appropriate social interaction in the classroom and during play time.

In Kindergarten, each student will participate in:


  • Bible stories including The Creation Story and Noah's Ark

  • Angels are God's messengers

  • Being a unique Child of God

  • Prayers: Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, and Angel of God


  • Recognize and name letter and letter sounds using Animated Alphabet

  • Decode grade level material using ConsonantVowelConsonant (CVC) and sight words

  • Identify author and illustrator of a story

  • Identify main idea, characters, and setting with prompting and support

  • What I Need (WIN) groups


  • Identify multiple meaning words

  • Identify non-fiction, fiction, and poem texts

  • Writing: capitalize first word in a sentence and the pronoun "I," recognize and name end punctuation, produce opinion pieces with prompting and support.

  • Learn and produce appropriate upper and lowercase letter formation using Handwriting Without Tears


  • Numbers and number words 1-20

  • Composing and decomposing of numbers

  • Addition and Subtraction up to 10

  • 2D and 3D shapes

  • Measurement

  • WIN groups


  • Economics: Needs and Wants

  • Civics/Government: Communities

  • Geography: Me on the Map

  • History: State of Kansas


  • 5 senses

  • Identify body parts

  • 4 seasons and selecting appropriate dress for each

  • Observe and chart the weather

  • Identify plant parts

  • Identify various animal characteristics


  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Kaleidoscope

  • Union Station-Theater for Young America

  • Science Lab at Shawnee Mission South