Fourth Grade

An Entrance Into Intermediate Grades

Fourth Grade at Holy Spirit Catholic School is a big step toward independence, as students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning while continuing to emphasize the acquisition of solid learning skills and the construction of a strong learning foundation. Together we build a community of faith to support each other throughout the journey of Fourth Grade!

In Fourth Grade, each student will participate in:


  • Beatitudes

  • Ten Commandments

  • Liturgical Calendar

  • Joyful Work

  • The Saints

  • Organizational Structure of the Church

  • Service

  • Prayerful Participation in the Catholic Liturgies


  • Literature and nonfiction selections

  • Literature Circles

  • Novel Studies

  • Comprehension 'Skills

  • Accelerated Reader Program


  • Writing Process

  • 6 + 1 Trait Writing (Narrative, Informational, Technical, Persuasive, & Poetry)

  • Language Skills (Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, & Capitalization)

  • Vocabulary (content area vocabulary, word structure, roots, affixes, homophones)


  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Basic Math facts with emphasis on accuracy and fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division

  • Place Value and Operations with Whole Numbers

  • Fractions & Decimals

  • Geometry, Measurement, & Data

  • Go Math! series


  • Function and Structure of Plants and Animals

  • Energy

  • Waves and their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

  • Earth's Place in the Universe

  • Earth's Systems

  • Earth and Human Activity


  • Geography

  • Economics

  • Kansas History

  • Civics and Governance