School Advisory Council

 The mission of Holy Spirit is to develop independent, life-long learners who can and will live for Christ.

SAC Upcoming Meetings:

All meetings @ 7 pm, unless otherwise noted.

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Welcome to Holy Spirit School Advisory Council!

What is the School Advisory Council (SAC)?

SAC is a council comprised of selected parents, stakeholders, a teacher representative, school administration, and the pastor.

What is the purpose of the SAC?

School advisory councils exist at the discretion of the pastor and principal and are designed to be strictly consultative. The council is intended to serve as a sounding board for the principal. When called upon, the council gives feedback to the principal and pastor regarding policy and standards for the school. Administrators are responsible for developing methods and programs to implement policy. Matters involving curriculum, personnel, and individual student concerns of a confidential nature are solely the purview of administrators and pastors and are not appropriate topics for school council consideration. The pastor appoints school council members in consultation with the principal. (Archdiocesan Handbook of Policies and Procedures #6010.1)

What are the responsibilities of a SAC member?

The SAC shall serve as a body representing all school families in the interest of the school. The function is to serve as collaborators with the school administration and pastor to support and strengthen operation of the school and to promote a better understanding of and support for Catholic education. The SAC shall develop and monitor a long-term strategic plan for the school, assisting the pastor and principal in identifying needs and concerns so objectives can be reached effectively. SAC shall also aid in the public relations and promotion of the school.

How do I become a member of the SAC?

Complete a SAC application form.  The pastor and principal review the applicants and appoint members.


Please see School Advisory Council By-Laws under links.