The mission of Holy Spirit is to develop independent, life-long learners who can and will live for Christ.

Mrs. Shirey

Visual Arts

Art instruction encourages students to deepen their appreciation of God’s gifts to the world and to develop skills to express their own gifts and talents. In Pope John Paul’s Letter to Artists, he emphasized the role of the artist and their ability to “captivate the hidden power of sound and words, colors and shapes” which “…echo the mystery of creation.  God as the sole creator of all things” desires to associate with the artist. It's with this tenderness in thought that the Holy Spirit visual arts program has been developed to guide children to recognize beauty. It's through God’s beauty that we develop our relationship with the divine and each other.

The spiritual and visual arts content are integrated in the K-8 program involving four content areas: art history, art production, aesthetics, and art criticism. Students develop an understanding and application of art vocabulary essential for competence in discussing and investigating diverse styles of art. The visual arts are an opportunity to authentically bridge content and reinforce the interconnectedness between disciplines that is natural and meaningful. Critical thinking, decision making, and creative expression is cultivated throughout classroom interactions that are age appropriate, structured, and engaging. Holy Spirit provides every child the opportunity to flourish through human expression in the visual arts.

Holy Spirit PreK - 6 Art:

Here at Holy Spirit, each grade will experience age appropriate projects highlighting the Principles and Elements of Art in various ways. The seven elements of art are color, form, line, shape, space, value and texture. The ten principles of art of emphasis, harmony, movement, pattern, balance, proportion, repetition, rhythm, unity and variety. The beauty of these concepts is that not only are they related but they also overlap! Each grade will encounter current and/or famous artists as well as many different mediums and techniques such as: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, weaving, mosaics, sand, and Faith-based holiday art (to name a few). These concepts can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional which will be touched on throughout the year

Middle School Electives:

Middle school students will explore different mediums according to the designated quarters. Drawing could include but is not limited to charcoal, colored pencil, chalk or oil pastels, drawing pencils, pen and ink, or scratch art. Set Design is designed specifically to assist with the creation of props and set pieces for the Grandparents day and Christmas programs. Sculpture could include but is not limited to clay, soap, paper, wire, books, cardboard, crayons, or packing tape. Painting could include but is not limited to watercolor, acrylic, tempera, tempera cakes, and color mixing/theory. These all could include topics such as self portraits, animal depictions, grid drawing, food or candy, handscapes, etc. The possibilities are endless!

1st Quarter: Drawing

2nd Quarter: Set Design

3rd Quarter: Sculpture (3-D)

4th Quarter: Painting