Sixth Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade!

Sixth Grade at Holy Spirit Catholic School is a year of great change and growth for students. They continue to be challenged academically in preparation for higher grades. Students are given many opportunities for leadership and service in the sixth grade.


  • Old Testament Study

  • Saint study

  • The Apostle's Creed

  • Social and Personal responsibility

  • Development of behaviors and attitudes based on the Commandments and Beatitudes to foster respect for all people

  • Guiding students toward a closer relationship with Christ through prayer


  • Through literature and novel units students will continue to develop comprehension and analysis of different genre

  • Utilizing the 6-Traits, students will create narrative, persuasive, and informative pieces

  • Cross-curricular writing involving research and writing projects in Social Studies and Science

  • Continued study of standards of English grammar

  • Vocabulary development within the literature


  • Ratios and proportions, algebraic equations, geometry, statistics and probability

  • Basic math skills are reinforced and practiced

  • Mathletic competitions

  • Hands-on learning incorporating manipulatives, and both small and large group work


  • Discovery of a world beyond our fingertips

  • Introduction to life science, physical and chemical science, earth science

  • In-depth study through literature, discussion, and experiential opportunities


  • Studies of ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia, The Fertile Crescent, Indus Valley, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and many more.

  • Geography and map reading

  • Country reports


  • Wildwood Adventure Center

  • A Christmas Carol