Middle School

Welcome to Middle School!

Holy Spirit Catholic Middle School provides an outstanding Catholic education, enabling students to excel in scholarship, leadership, character development and service. We prepare young men and women to be life-long learners and leaders in the 21st century through a strong academic tradition of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and active social responsibility.

Directed by Holy Spirit's mission and philosophy, our curriculum is built upon a commitment to Catholic values and a genuine interest in making all learning meaningful within the context of those values. Under the guidance of our dedicated faculty and staff, all students study the Catholic faith, English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and a choice of electives. Catholic values are incorporated in curriculum and activities throughout the school day.

Holy Spirit students learn organizational skills and time management as their workload increases. Students also have opportunities to discover their unique academic strengths, explore their spirituality, and deepen their commitment to social responsibility as they prepare for high school.


  • 2-year Confirmation Program

  • 7th Grade consists of Theology of the Body.

  • 8th Grade primarily studies the Sacrament of Confirmation in preparation for receiving it in the spring.


  • 7th Grade builds on the foundation of strong reading, writing and speaking skills through application of reading comprehension strategies, six trait writing, grammar study, and vocabulary enrichment.

  • 8th Grade masters the integration of reading, writing, and speaking skills through continued application of reading comprehension, six trait writing, grammar study and vocabulary enrichment.


  • 7th Grade (Pre-Algebra) focuses on preparing students for algebra, including learning about variables, equations and number theory.

  • 8th Grade (Algebra) focuses on algebra, including variables, equations (single and systems) and inequalities.

  • Zero Hour (Geometry) focuses on shapes, figures and their orientation in space. The use of algebra is continued in the use of these areas.


  • 7th Grade consists of a study of Kansas History first semester and a study of World Geography second semester.

  • 8th Grade consists of a study of American History starting at the American Revolution to Reconstruction.


  • 7th Grade science consists of life science and also involves a study in inquiry with a Science Fair project in the fall.

  • 8th Grade science consists of physical science with a human body unit and dissection at the end of the year.