The mission of Holy Spirit is to develop independent, life-long learners who can and will live for Christ.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent–teacher conferences are an important component of ongoing school-home communication and family involvement at Holy Spirit.  Parent–teacher conferences are an opportunity for parents to learn about their children’s progress in school and for teachers to gain insights into their students’ home and community lives. Parent perspectives on their child's strengths and needs, learning styles, and non-school learning opportunities can help teachers shape their instructional methods. The parent-teacher conference is the opportunity to strengthen the partnership between parents and teachers so that all parties are working together in the best interests of the child.

Sign ups for parent-teacher conferences will be available via an emailed link.  If you have any questions about scheduling your parent-teacher conference or would like to schedule a meeting with a teacher, please do not hesitate in contacting the front office at (913) 492-2582