Health & Counseling

School Nurse

The goal of the Health Office is to promote health and safety so that students may focus on learning. The school nurse, Mrs. Schropp, provides care in the event of illness or injury. In addition, the nurse administers medication, identifies and communicates contagious illnesses, monitors attendance, conducts state mandated vision and hearing screenings, maintains health records and provides health education to students and families.

School Counselor

Counseling services are available at Holy Spirit School and are provided at no cost to the student's family. The school counselor, Mrs. Chalker, works with all students through classroom guidance lessons once each month. In addition, individual, group and family counseling services are available as needed. Please feel free to contact the counselor to discuss any emotional, behavioral, social or family issue that may impact your child.

Please look for more resources available on the "Counselor" page under the "Parents" tab.