Third Grade

The Wonderful World of Third Grade

Third grade at Holy Spirit Catholic School is a transition year. The third grade curriculum provides more challenge. While teacher supervision continues to be important, third grade students are provided with many opportunities to learn about choices. They have increased responsibility for the quality of their work.


  • Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy

  • Saints - Dominic Savio, Bernadette, Mother Teresa, Damian of Molokai, Katherine Drexel

  • Various Scriptural Readings and Parables

  • 4 Marks of the Catholic Church

  • Vocations

  • Pentecost

  • Mary and the Rosary


  • Demonstrate meaning of text: Expository and Fiction

  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English: capitalization, punctuation, spelling when writing or speaking

  • Oral presentations on specific topics across the curriculum


  • Mastery of Math facts

  • Time/Money

  • Reading/Interpreting Graphs

  • Multiplication/Division

  • Measurement

  • Fractions


  • Scientific Method

  • Plants/Animals

  • Food Chains/Webs

  • Matter

  • Water Cycles


  • ​Native Americans

  • Maps

  • Life in Communities

  • Early American History

  • KC History