Welcome to Holy Spirit from Mrs. Watson

Dear Parents and Visitors:

Thank you for taking an interest in Holy Spirit Catholic School. Whether you are an existing family or a potential newcomer to our school, I believe you will find Holy Spirit offers something for everyone.

First and foremost is our faith-filled curriculum and infusion of faith into our daily lives here at school. Second, you will find that after fulfilling our primary focus, getting all our children to Heaven, we provide an excellent education along the way. Finally, our community is really a family. We pray together, laugh together, share sorrows together, and enjoy knowing that we are an extended family to all we encounter. But, this is not an exclusive community, for our family centers on our local community, the world around us, and globally too!

When our 1st grade students coordinated at Mass, I was taken by the lyrics to the song they sang, Children of God. Those confident, heavenly voices were proud to sing out..

Children of God in one family, loved by God in one family,

And no matter what we do, God loves me and God loves you.

Children of God in one family, loved by God in one Family,

And no matter what we do, God loves me and you!

Each verse continued on to share that Jesus teaches us to love, He wants us to forgive, be kind, be truthful, and love one another. To me, this is the essence of our school.

We're proud to be children of God, and we would be honored to share what we do with your family. Please consider coming in for a visit and tour, and have your child shadow in one of our classrooms. We are here to provide a Catholic education for any family who desires that for their children.

We love our Holy Spirit family and are always excited to welcome more to the family each year. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing all the great things Holy Spirit has to offer.


Michele Watson