Learning Center

Enhancing Catholic Education

The Learning Center's mission is to serve and enrich the student body by providing additional academic support resources for students. It's our practice here at Holy Spirit to look at each student and their individual needs and differences. This process involves the planning and the systematic monitoring of each student’s progress and growth toward academic goals using MTSS. We create an accessible environment to help all learners achieve a higher level of personal success in school and in our community. When looking at each individual child we strategically place them in fluid small groups called WIN (What I Need). Through small groups we are able to enhance their educational experience by providing different approaches to teaching, and additional time in reading, writing, and math curriculum.

Learning Center Goals:

  • Assist classroom teachers in providing classroom interventions, accommodations and observations

  • Beginning, middle and end of year data collection

  • Informal academic screening/assessment of students to aid in differentiation of instruction

  • Individual and small group support for students

  • Team conferences with teachers and parents regarding students' educational needs

  • Contact with public school district personnel regarding student needs

  • Manage and maintain 504's and IEP's for student success

  • Organize WIN groups/ implement MTSS